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SkinBox lets you convert any skinnable items into any skin variant in Rust.
You will have access to every skin that has ever been in Rust, and any skins that are added in future.

Skinbox Images

How to use skinbox

1) Open chat and type /s

2) Drag the item you want to skin into the storage container

3) Take the skin you want to use

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safe trading

Safe Trade lets you trade items with other players from a safe distance

Trade Info

Max trade distance is 150m. (1 Map Square)
Trading cooldown time is 10min.
Max amount of items that can be traded each time is 5.

How to trade

Type /trade "NameOrID" then drag the items you want to trade into the box.

Trade Rules
Don't use Safe Trade to transfer loot to teammates during a fight/raid.
Don't use Safe Trade to move loot/gear to different bases.

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Become a Roleplayer

sign artist

Sign artist lets you upload images to in-game signs.

How to use sign artist

Look at a sign and type /sil followed by the URL of an image you want to upload

Sign Artist Rules
Don't upload porn or anything racist/overly offensive.

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