Server Rules

4 Man group limit. (+2 offline)
Don't grief bases by placing external TC's.
Be respectful to players & staff, racism and discrimination will not be tolerated.
Exploiting glitches or hacking will result in a permanent ban.
Don't make threats of DDoSing, Doxing, Swatting or other malicious attacks towards players or staff.
Advertising or spamming chat may result in a ban.
Don't block access (with walls) to major loot spawns and monuments.
English only in global chat.

Group Limit Rules

Max group size is 4. (+2 offline)
Max per base is 6.
Pooling resources together for a raid with other groups is not allowed.
Raiding with other groups is not allowed.
Quickly swapping out team mates during a raid/fight isn't allowed.
You don't have to KOS everyone you meet, you won't be banned for helping new players.

Alliance Rules

Don't share bases with allies.
Pooling resources together for a raid with allies is not allowed.
Raiding with allies is not allowed.
Allies must live at least 1.5 map squares away.
Allied clans limit is 2.
Alliances must be registered with /clan (or /cmenu)
Don't PvP or farm together if you're more than 4.
Don't help allies when they're getting attacked/raided if doing so breaks the group limit.

Account Requirements

To play on our servers your account must meet the following requirements, these checks are in place to protect against accounts with a history of cheating. Brand new accounts are also blocked due to being commonly used be cheaters.

VAC/Game Bans
Accounts with 2 or more VAC/Game Bans are blocked.
Accounts with any bans issued less than 90 days ago are blocked.

Account Restrictions
Community/Trade banned accounts are blocked.
Accounts that have not setup their community profile are blocked.

These restrictions also apply to alternative/affiliated accounts with bans/restrictions.

Server Mods

2x Resource Gather
2x Components
2x Stack Sizes
Faster crafting time
Faster smelting time for furnaces
Meat doesn't burn & can be cooked in furnaces
Metal & Sulfur can be smelted in campfires
100% comfort at campfires
Slight bandage buff
Med Syringe also reduces bleeding by 5%
Spawn with slightly more health, hunger & hydration
Custom GUI report system (at death screen)
Fast night time & brighter nights
No suicide cooldown
Furnace Sorter
Players are automatically checked for VAC/Game bans
Players using racial slurs in chat are automatically muted
Websites are automatically removed from player names
SAM Sites work the same as shotgun traps and flame turrets SAM Sites act in a similar fashion to shotgun traps and flame turrets by checking if players flying minicopter/balloon are authorized on the cupboard. Minicopters that have no pilot also won't be shot at.
Lock-on range has also been decreased to balance the change.

In-game Commands

Realtime wipe info (/wipe)
Private Messages (/pm)
Create a Clan (/clan)
Clan management menu (/cmenu)
Server POP/Queue (/pop)
Player Report (/report)
In-game help (/help)
Server Rules (/rules)

donator only

Skinbox (/s)
Safe Trade (/trade)
Sign Artist (/sil)